Blogger to Business Enrollment Is Now Closed
With registration closed, we will now shift our focus to our community.

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Ready to make your income dreams a reality?
Get unstuck + learn the EXACT steps you need to take to grow your business. Create a strategy to  grow your audience AND increase your monthly income. 
Grow a Profitable Business with the Blogger to Business Group
The Blogger to Business program shows you how to take your time and opportunities and make a strategic plan to grow your visibility, profit and be the go-to person in your niche.
Monthly Downloadable Playbook
You get a playbook that gives you step-by-step instructions on the topic of the month to help you maximize your visibility, reach (and profit!) We'll talk profit, Instagram, Facebook Ads, taxes and it will be based on my experience AND experts that I bring in. 
Monthly Live Training
Each month we will have a live training either with an outside expert I bring in, or with me if it’s a topic I teach on! You can ask questions and get help right on the call! 
Weekly LIVE Q&A
Each week we come together and hang out to ask questions, share screens and get the help that you need to grow your visibility, reach + income! I post the date in advance, and you can ask questions whether you're live or not!
Private Facebook Community
 This is where the magic happens. Get the support + weekly accountability to stay on track. I’m in the group answering questions daily and you’ll meet your biz friends here too. Paid for groups are ALWAYS more valuable than free!
You’re different. You’re not like everyone else. You have big dreams and aspirations of being successful + making it big. I’m here to tell you that you can do it. And you can do it faster with some help + guidance .
We’re going to show you:

How to figure out EXACTLY what to focus on to grow your blog + business in the food + wellness niche.

What it takes to become known for what you do, not only in the online world but locally too.

How to be recognized for your expertise in the food + wellness fields.

How to make money to help support your families and have a life so you can work and fit in time with friends, family and…even your favorite workout class.

Sign up for the wait list and we’ll let you know when you can enroll!
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