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"The Food Entrepreneur Summit is an amazing tool that not only answers all the questions about blogging you could possibly think of, but it allowed me to connect with so many other amazing bloggers. Thank you, Nicole for creating such an amazing and inspiring program! "
About "The Food Entrepreneur Summit Self Study Program"
You'll get access to the same great content, masterclasses and downloads to learn how to turn your blog into a business and accelerate your growth + profits. The 18 masterclasses are filled with action taking steps and 100% no fluff or filler information. 

Here's what you'll get:
  • Access to 18 Masterclasses on how to turn your blog into a business
  •  Playbook to accompany each Masterclass
  •  Mp3 downloads of each class
  •  BONUS 1: How to Set up Google Search Console
  •  BONUS 2: How to Create Great Images with Jennifer Orcutt
  •  BONUS 3: Tessa's Process of Creating Profitable E-book Download
  •  BONUS 4: Affiliate Marketing with Rachel Luna from 2016 Food Entrepreneur Summit
The Virtual Food Entrepreneur Summit will give you the knowledge and the confidence to stop second guessing yourself. 
  • Get focused and learn the next most important thing YOU should be working on!
  •  This is YOUR opportunity to learn from the collective experience of these expert bloggers and business women. It's your chance to learn and grow.
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Self Study Program
  • 18 Master Class Videos (Valued at over $3,000)
  • Summit Playbook for Each Class ($500)
  • Mp3 Downloads to Listen on the Go ($200)
  • BONUS: Steps to Creating Your E-Book ($500)
  • BONUS: How to Set up Google Search Console ($99)
  • BONUS: The How-Tos on Affiliate Marketing with Rachel Luna
  • Lifetime Access to All Masterclasses (Priceless)
Your Key to Growth!
On February 1st, 2016 I launched a podcast, Blissful Bites, to share learning / inspiration / education from other women in the food industry. When I first started Blissful Eats and my blog I looked everywhere to learn from people who were further along in their business than me, but no one in the food industry was sharing their stories, the good and the bad of their journey and HOW they “made it”.

I started my podcast to educate women in and around the food industry. I had a lot of success with the podcast quickly. Listeners loved learning from my guests and the guests loved sharing what they knew. 

I knew there was something more to offer but I couldn’t put my finger on it…..

In April I went to Las Vegas for the 90 Day Year Conference with Todd Herman. I was able to connect with influencers like Melyssa Griffin, Rachel Luna, Nikki Elridge Brown, Melanie and Devin Duncan...and so many others. I also was able to meet so many people who were on a similar journey as me. Monetarily that trip cost us around $3,000 but the value was priceless. I came home with ideas to implement right away in my business, relationships I could build on and a new energy around my business.  

Vegas inspired me and energized my business. I started going back through my podcasts, looking at comments and talking to the women I interviewed. The listeners wanted to hear more and learn specific steps to take. Plus they wanted a community to interact with the speakers and other similar entrepreneurs. I realized I could create this community and provide direct actionable steps to help other food bloggers move their business forward by hosting a virtual online summit. All the education without the all the costs!

The first ever Food Entrepreneur Summit was born May 2016!

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